AAC is committed to ensuring that all of its operations and activities are conducted in a manner that does not impact on the health and safety of any person. We consider that there is no more imprtant factor in the undertaking of anyone’s job than the prevention of injury or ill-health to any person. AAC is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy working enviroment for all staff and contractors at all of its work locations and operations. The complete elimination of injuries is our ultimate goal. AAC strongly believes that all incidents are preventable and that a ‘zero accident’ target is achievable.


  • Involve all staff and contractors in health and safety programs and training to actively take steps to control hazards
  • Ensures the establishment of health and safety committees and recognize their effectiveness in preventing accidents
  • Continually improve performance to prevent work – related injury and illness throughmeasurable objectives and targets
  • Provide rehabilitation programs for employees in the event of an injury or illness occuring, or in the event of personal or family loss
  • Comply that all relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice and endeavor to exceed compliance
  • Ensure that all staff and contractors are aware of AAC Systems safety policy and procedure and are appropriately trained to undertake their duties and understand their responsibilities in accordance with these policies and procedures
  • Integrate and maintain management of health and safety as a central part of our safety management system
  • Commitment to safety is considered a team obligation involving managers, supervisors, sub-contractors, suppliers and employees working together through consultation and co-operation.